Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Brenda offers a variety of therapy services to support your mental health and well-being:


Having anxiety, or being anxious is a highly prevalent condition in our current culture, post-Covid, particularly. The good news is that using anxiety management techniques developed in therapy can significantly reduce and often eliminate anxiousness completely.

Some of the therapy techniques include:

  • Identifying and understanding original sources of feeling anxious.
  • Working with and understanding the physiological responses that your body provides.
  • Tracking and understanding triggers.
  • Deploying techniques of emotional regulation.
  • Recognizing typical thought patterns associated with anxiousness.
  • Challenging thoughts through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Increasing sense of well-being and safety through Mindful practice.

Relationship Difficulties/Divorce/Separation

Relationships are meant to become difficult at times. Having the skills to understand the nature of the conflicts that arise, and how best to resolve them takes training and understanding. Often the introduction of a neutral therapist to guide and practice more productive communication techniques can be extremely helpful.

When conflicts become unresolvable, they are often managed better with the assistance of a therapist. Therapy can help a couple understand where the differences truly originated from, and help the couple develop a ‘shared narrative’ that both parties can agree on.

Brenda has specific expertise in separation and divorce. She offers couples a means of rebuilding the connection that they had lost or helping families to separate with dignity while addressing the loss of the relationship and the preservation of the family. If children are involved, she can guide families into the reality of two homes, addressing residency and co-parenting issues. Sharing information with children, navigating the divorce process and managing feelings of loss are best supported in therapy. This takes time and expertise.

Navigating change

Navigating any significant change requires a great deal of support. Therapy can help individuals build resilience and develop the skills necessary to adapt to new situations and cope with uncertainty. This can be especially important during periods of significant change, such as a job loss, relationship breakup, or relocation.

Women's Issues

Women’s mental health needs require specialized care that takes into consideration their unique experiences and challenges. Brenda’s focus on Women’s Issues relating to life transitions, fertility struggles, the impact of ageing, and their changing roles in family dynamics, has earned her a prominent reputation in the mental health community.

Senior Care

Brenda has particular expertise in providing psychotherapy to older (senior) adult individuals and couples. The many losses and ensuing grief, that come with ageing – loss of abilities (both physical & cognitive), social connections, intimate family members, sense of autonomy and home, often result in depression and anxiety. Brenda’s focus on managing these emotions and regaining of self-agency can bring back a sense of well-being.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Having worked in many Children’s and Adolescent Mental Health treatment facilities – both in direct service, supervisory and collaborative planning of therapeutic programs, she has a specialized understanding of the internal life of young persons. She works with issues of attachment, self-esteem, eating disorders, school avoidance, career development and all manifestations of depression and anxiety. This work has also given her a particular insight and proficiency in counselling Families struggling with a child in pain. A large part of her practice is in guiding families in parenting concerns.