Resources & Forms

Resources & Forms

General Mental Health Information

The Centre for Addiction & Mental Health- camh
National Institute of Mental Health


When the Body Says No -Gabor Mate
The Body Keeps Score–Bessel Vanderkolk
Scattered Minds–Gabor Mate
The UnTethered Soul-Michael A. Singer
What Happened to You:  Bruce. D. Perry/Oprah Winfrey


Meditation Interventions for Rewiring the Brain–Jeff Tarrant
Wherever You Go There You Are-Jon Kabbat-Zinn
Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness: David Treleaven


Healing the Shame that Binds You – John Bradshaw
5 Love Languages – Dr. Gary Chapman
The State of Affairs – Dr. Esther Perel
Hold Me Tight – Dr. Sue Johnson

Sexual Orientation

Central Toronto Youth Services – Home – Central Toronto Youth Services (
Tips for Parents of LGBT Youth–Hopkins medicine – Tips for Parents of LGBTQ Youth | Johns Hopkins Medicine
Toronto Pflag – Toronto Pflag